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Business Legality Services

LLC Entity



Protect Your Business at All Cost!

It's Imperative to have your business legally established with one of the following services above. You don't want to assume full ownership and it cost you in the future.

Price Chart

Business Legality Setup 

  • LLC depends on State $75-$150.00

  • Trademark (Includes extensive research and processing) $350.00

  • Patent (Includes extensive research and processing) $500.00​

Advertisement Services 

  • Running Ads and Campaigns $100.00​

  • Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads​

Verification Services (Blue Check Mark)

  • Facebook & Instagram $100

Social Media Content 

  • Logos

    • 2D logos $50 3D logos $80 

  • Flyers and Social Media Content (post) 

  • quantity pack of social media (5) $50 

  • quantity pack of social media (10) $100

  • Inspirational Words $50


  • E-Commerce Website Templates $200.00 

  • Website Management

Includes: Updates of Content, Changing Website Adding Modifications, Creating Specials & Discounts, Providing Monthly Analytical Data for website $90

Note: Prices are subject to change. Depends on request and discounts added.

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